Impact Analysis
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Understand the impact of a planned change on your Salesforce Org, to ensure high-quality low-risk releases, every time

What Might

There are many tools that help you deploy changes to your Org, but they don’t help you understand, in advance, exactly how and what will be impacted by the change you are planning.  Without the full picture, complexity and errors can come as a surprise, causing delays, headaches and unnecessary backtracking.

The Salesforce
Complexity Dilemma

As your Org matures, complexity grows and implementing change becomes increasingly time-consuming and risky. Panaya ForeSight’s Impact Analysis solution reveals the dependencies and complexity in your Org so you can predict high-risk impacts, determine development and testing requirements and ensure high-quality releases.

Change Intelligently with
Impact Analysis


Accelerate Change

Get a clear picture of all dependencies and impact risk within seconds. Doing research and analyzing components to scope change requests no longer takes weeks.

reduce risk
reduce risk

Reduce Risk

Mitigate breaking any existing functionality in your Org. Ensure successful releases without the risk of interrupting the business or compromising user experience.

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smart view icon

Improve Change Management

Increase team efficiency by accurately scoping a change request, improving collaboration, easily assigning implementation and development tasks, and monitoring progress all in one place.

Impact Analysis
in Action

Quickly Analyze Salesforce Components

Use ForeSight’s Discovery Chrome Extension to quickly analyze your Salesforce Org’s components from any Salesforce page, with just a click of a button.

Discovery extension

Impact Dependency Map

Get a clear visualization, in real time, of the dependencies within your Org. Select a scoped item and get a multi-level analysis of all impacted components, including: Apex classes, Process Builders, Flows, Fields and more.

impact graph opportunity

Scope Impact

Get a detailed summary report of all scoped components, with a clear view of the potential impact of change – including direct and indirect impact.

scope impact zoom in

Find Impacted Source Code

Easily pinpoint the exact impact of a planned change within Apex class source codes.

Source code-accountheirarchy


Read more about our Impact Analysis solution along with our Org Health Overview Dashboard, Test Management Solution and Jira Plugin.

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