Salesforce Impact Analysis

From calculated guesswork to change certainty

The Challenge

As time progresses, the more complex your Salesforce environment becomes, making it more difficult to fully understand the impact of planned customizations and changes. Ultimately, the change projects which were designed to deliver benefits to your business end up also introducing unplanned costs, risk and complexity.

How Panaya Can Help

With Panaya ForeSight, you gain a 360-degree view of the impact of change, the dependencies and what you need to do in order to fix them. Take an innovative approach to risk mitigation and testing, so you can deliver Salesforce change projects with speed and quality.


See for Yourself


A detailed summary report of scoped entities. Gain an immediate view and informed estimate of the potential impact of change.


Pinpoint development needs with an accurate view of code change highlights, usage rating and modification dates. Easily assign development tasks to team members with the auto-generated list of impacted components.


Gain an accurate view of project impact risk and mitigation. Confidently release into production when all risk parameters are green.


Panaya Foresight for Salesforce Impact Analysis

Requirements Scoping

Development & Customizations

Risk Cockpit

Change the Way You Change!