Panaya Release Dynamix

Reduce the Time, Cost and Risk
of Oracle Changes by 30%-50%

From monthly patches to new functionality activation to EBS customization, ERP change is relentless. Designed to deliver benefits, change projects also introduce cost, risk and complexity. When you make an ERP change, it will have downstream impact on multiple business processes.

Here we see a timeline based view of all system changes, their nature, and volume.

Combining change impact, code remediation and collaborative, cross-organizational testing tools, Panaya RDx is a uniquely simple solution for Oracle E-Business Suite users.

Mitigate Risk with Real-Time Impact Analysis

Oracle Change Impact Analysis

Change Impact Analysis

Immediately gain visibility to impacted objects and their respective productions usage, Test Coverage Score

Business Process Risk Analysis

Map any impacted entry point within your business process library to understand the downstream impact on any business process while optimizing your regression cycle

Requirements Conflict Analysis

Identify when different requirement code changes impact a specific object within the project and release so that you can resolve integration conflict early in the process

What to Test

Risk Based Testing

Test plans that define the right coverage required to address the risk both on the module and object level

Automatic Test Suggestions

reuse your current test case assets for maximum coverage for the impacted entry points

Manage and Accelerate Test Execution

Record & Play

Enables the capturing of tests in a single click which can be reused for codeless automation

Smart Defect Management

For quick and efficient release cycles, reduced duplication of defects and more efficient project timelines

Test Cycles Dashboard

Real time visibility into test cycle execution with detailed reports on status, defects and completion

Gain Visibility and Reduce Risk


Visualize the scope of upcoming releases, and overall risk to ERP change implementation, based on dev, test, governance and risk

Colloboration - RDx Pro for Oracle


One platform for all stakeholders to view and collaborate from requirements, test plans, defect status through completion

Oracle Upgrade and Releases

An end-to-end solution that simplifies and accelerates the Oracle EBS upgrade. It delivers the upgrade in half the time and effort, with zero impact on business after go live.

Oracle Testing Overview

Based on the crowd wisdom of over 9000 change projects and 5 million test scripts, Panaya provides a scalable test solution to accelerate testing, creating a truly agile Oracle environment.

Your Oracle® ERP Changes.
50% Faster. 100% Safer.

Best Practices to Managing Oracle ERP Change

“Eaton standardized all change projects using Panaya, seeing a reduction of 50% in project time and 30% reduction in testing time. “

“Ricoh leverages Panaya’s impact analysis and test acceleration capabilities to create an effective standardized practice for continuous change, shifting from single-digit to zero critical defects after go live” 

With real-time insights into change risk and quality, and automatic corrective actions, you can quickly and safely release business application changes into production

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