Setting the Perfect Testing Tone for Your ERP Project

Listening to classical music has always been one of my favorite ways to relax and unwind after a long workday. Mozart, in particular, is one of my most preferred composers of all time. When you think about the complexity of his works, the precision, and his genius understanding of the different instruments, you cannot help yourself from slowing down, sitting back, and surrendering to the beautiful melody.

When thinking about a great piece of music, many different elements make it truly delightful to listen to. The composition, of course, is the basis of it all. Still, aside from that, there are the performers and their interpretation of the notes, the top-notch musical instruments they must use, the sound technicians at the recording studio that ensure the recording is done in high definition, and so on. There are so many different elements that must join for us to enjoy that great piece of music.

Conducting an orchestra for every project

In the delivery process of large-scale ERP projects, I can’t help but make the analogy between the elements that make up any musical masterpiece and the different factors and stakeholders involved in the process of ERP Project Delivery. From Developers and Testers to Business Users and Project managers, all of whom play a critical role in the project’s success.

To truly succeed in delivering our ERP Projects, we must work in harmony and remember that it only takes one part of the delivery team to compromise on the quality of its work to put our entire project at risk. So many times, we tend to forget that high quality must be maintained throughout our ERP Delivery Life Cycle.

Ask yourself the following questions to quickly assess the quality level of your ERP project.

  • Do you have a defined delivery process tailored to your organization’s needs?
  • Are you validating the quality of your delivery in real-time and throughout the project life cycle? 
  • Are all stakeholders involved in the project communicating in real-time and sharing information effectively?
  • Do you have the correct mixture between manual and automatic tests? If so, do you know when to execute each one?
  • At the end of a successful project, will you have all the needed reports and test evidence documents, and will you be able to reuse them to leverage them in your future project?

The Rhythm of Smart testing

Panaya Test Dynamics allows you to Gain control and visibility of every aspect of your SAP functional, system integration, regression, and UAT testing, with real-time insights across all testing cycles, to accelerate risk-free go live. And with a business process-centered approach designed specifically for SAP, risk-based testing, and test automation, you ensure the most efficient and effective large-scale testing possible. Panaya’s platform will allow you to take your project execution to the next level using:

  • Progress Visibility and Real-Time Actionable Insights – Our Intuitive, customized, and personal dashboards offer real-time actionable insights into requirements, test cycles progress, defects resolution, and user activities or workload.
  • Business Process-Centric Test Planning and Execution- Panaya mirrors end-to-end business process activities in a unique and intuitive sequence of steps, each assigned to a specific user. Panaya facilitates remote Collaboration between your cross-functional and globally dispersed team within the business process and controls the full execution at the step or business process level.
  • Built-in Collaboration –“Pass the baton” with complex business scenarios that involve multiple testers. Testers are automatically notified when it is their turn to take part in business process testing, so they know precisely when to test, what to test, and what data to use. Enable Collaboration between stakeholders via automatic notifications, comments, and mentioning capabilities.
  • Automatically Standardized Documentation-Save valuable time by automatically capturing every step in the application while testing (activities and screenshots). Panaya audit-ready test evidence enables compliance with internal and external quality standards.
  • Holistic Defects Management-Auto-generated test and defect documentation. Eliminate back-and-forth communication between testers and developers. Defects are easy to reproduce. Closed-loop defect resolution for maximum quality – We automatically notify testers to re-test after the resolution, so every resolved defect is closed by the ones who opened it. Our unique “System-Wide Defect” capability anticipates the influence of a defect on future tests, allowing you to prevent defects inflation.

As in music, all the elements are intertwined and more connected than we could ever imagine producing a significant impact and a high quality to ERP projects.

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