Is your SAP SCM Just in Time? Part II

by | May 31, 2016


Is your SAP SCM Just in Time? Part II

As we discussed in Part I, not making changes in your SAP SCM applications introduces significant risks to your business. Supply chain management is critical in today’s world of global logistics.

Make sure your SAP SCM is up to date . Bring ERP agility to supply chain management.
Make sure your SAP SCM is up to date . Bring ERP agility to supply chain management.

Technical practices have changed in the migration to agile development. As the era of infrequent releases comes to a close, more frequent, iterative development requires a change in testing practices. Knowing how to scope and what to test becomes even more critical rather than 100% test coverage.  Fast feedback from all stakeholders – both technical and business – is critical.

Increasing Testing and UAT

Reusable test libraries make subsequent updates easier, as there is now a starting point the next time you need to make a change. It is essential not only for technical users to be involved in testing but also the key business users. Without their involvement in User Acceptance Testing (UAT), business users won’t buy-in. By increasing adoption, your organization enjoys the benefits of lean production and have agile supply chain management.

Panaya for SAP SCM

Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite for SAP SCM enables supply chain managers to finally join the digital transformation taking place in enterprise organizations. This way, they don’t need to be afraid of moving ahead and can better plan and scope the impact of changes and manage both technical and business testing end-to-end.

For example, by providing increased visibility, it is easier for teams to transition from waterfall development to Scrum project management processes, making shorter changes in more-frequent sprints, further increase organizational agility. This increases the likelihood their agile transition succeeds.

Know the Impact of SAP SCM Changes

Unfortunately, because organizations have traditionally felt that they were blind if they made changes or had to test everything – a cumbersome burden – they felt that the safe choice was to avoid change. This is a big mistake.

Organizations need tools to analyze their system and identify the impact of changes. This way, organizations can better scope their projects, identify the areas of highest risk and ensure that their 95% test coverage isn’t missing the most critical 5% that is likely to break.

Go from Taking a Long Time to Just in Time

With Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite for SAP SCM organizations can successfully manage their SCM updates. Similar to Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite for SAP, the benefits are now brought to individual business functions and SAP applications, starting with supply chain management. Now organizations where inventory management is critical can ensure that their SAP supply chain management application is up-to-date.

With Panaya you can go from Taking a Long Time to Just in Time.

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