SAP HANA Adoption Continues to Rise

More and more organizations are migrating to HANA, SAP’s newest in-memory database, according to a survey released by ASUG, the Americas’ SAP Users’ Group.

HANA adoption is on the rise
HANA adoption is on the rise

The Wall Street Journal reported that “Adoption of HANA products appears to be growing. About 45% of 1,058 respondents said they have purchased HANA. In 2014, 40% of 377 respondents said they had bought a HANA product.”

Panaya’s own research shows massive growth in HANA adoption last year. According to our research, HANA adoption grew a whopping 840%!

Rather than storing information on discs, information is stored in-memory. This provides faster processing, allowing customers to analyze information without sluggish intermediate steps.

Steve Lucas, president of platform solutions for SAP, told the Wall Street Journal that the increase in adoption is “substantial and significant” and that he’s optimistic it will grow across business scenarios. “What matters to us is generating better business outcomes for customers using HANA that they couldn’t achieve using legacy database technology.”

Many companies are upgrading to HANA in order to support S/4HANA. S/4HANA is SAP’s business-suite offering which is built on the HANA database. S/4HANA brings simple business functions, with fast processing and a personalized user experience.

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