What Changed & Why: When Things Don’t Work Like They Used To

Yesterday Salesforce worked as expected. Today it does not. What happened? These are the words that strike fear in the hearts of Salesforce administrators and application managers everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether Salesforce is managed & enhanced by an in-house team or if you’re working with an external team, you still need to make sure your organization is getting the most value from its investment in Salesforce.

Something changed. But what changed and why? What other functionality in Salesforce has been impacted?  And how long will it take to discover and get everything back in working order? 

Are you frustrated? Yes. Are you apprehensive about additional changes? Of course you are. You certainly don’t want to be the reason why sales can’t close any deals or why marketing can’t engage with new leads.

Lucky for you, Panaya just introduced Change Watch, a new approach to monitoring and managing Salesforce metadata changes, even in the most complex orgs. With Change Watch, Salesforce Administrators, managers and teams can easily monitor periodic changes in one or more Salesforce orgs and easily compare the changes between your sandbox and production orgs. Panaya’s Change Watch enables enhanced control of your Salesforce org which is crucial as your org and Salesforce team grow.

Why is it so important to compare your sandbox org to production?

  1. Functionality: Comparing sandbox orgs to production is an important step in the deployment process to ensure that changes made in the sandbox are working correctly and will not negatively impact the production environment. Even though the sandbox is similar to production, due to the nature of systems development, some subtle differences may exist that could get overlooked without a detailed comparison between orgs. In addition to these subtle configuration discrepancies, this comparison may also reveal things like missing data, or customizations that could impact the deployment process.
  2. Audit and Compliance: Whether you work in a regulated industry or not, there are certain policies (both internal and external) that your organization may need to stay in compliance with. Auditors have a responsibility for verifying that changes made in the sandbox have been properly documented, tested and approved before those changes are deployed to production.
  3. System down-time & data loss: Taking a proactive approach to org comparison can help minimize system down-time, prevent data loss or corruption, and ultimately result in improving the quality of the deployment process, as well as the overall performance of the organization.

Gain Visibility and Control of Your Salesforce Org with Panaya’s Change Watch

The insights delivered by Change Watch, based on Panaya ForeSight’s world-class impact analysis solution can do just that – provide the assurance needed to help organizations make well-informed decisions as they seek to optimize their Salesforce orgs, minimize risk and improve company performance.. Panaya ForeSight is trusted by some of the leading Fortune 500 companies.

Change Watch gives managers visibility, confidence and peace of mind knowing they are up to date on every change in the org, by delivering a periodic summary of changes via push notifications to their e-mail or slack channel. The summary contains accurate details about changes and customizations to metadata and CPQ configuration data, including additions, modifications, and deletions, done by their team or even external partners & vendors. At any time, Change Watch users can investigate the change and get more insights about the impact of the change down to the code level.

All of this makes Change Watch a strategic imperative for audit and compliance teams. It helps organizations manage approvals and reviews as part of the development processes by providing the evidence necessary to ensure auditors know exactly what was changed as a result of which requirement, when the changes were made and even who made those changes.

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