A New Chapter for Panaya

A New Chapter for Panaya

A New Look for Panaya

Panaya has been a must-have solution leveraged by over 3000 enterprise companies around the globe since 2008. We have been part of our customers’ journey, helping them innovate and change, assisting their upgrades or migrations. Indeed, many of them have returned as trusting customers for almost a decade.

Now it is time for us to change and innovate. Today we are revealing Panaya’s new brand identity and repositioning of our category. Being able to shift in the face of disruption has become  a critical skill. Smooth shifters are leaders. 

We, at Panaya, are all about change. Driving change is at the core of our values and the products and solutions we build. 

A Fresh Coat of Paint

You might have noticed that we have some new colors, a new website and mascot. This change has been in the works for many months. We have been busy really thinking about where we should be if we’re poised for success in the coming years. We have an amazing product roadmap with some innovative game changing solutions for ERP and CRM leaders and users. Our new brand identity enables us to better communicate our vision and values to you. We also wanted brighter colors. Change is hard enough, we want to make it lighter.


Change Intelligence 

We have let the market drive our categorisation for quite a while. First as Impact Analysis then under the umbrella term Change Management. These categories do not position Panaya for who we truly are and what we do. We enable our customers to change intelligently.

Panaya has also expanded its line of solutions to include testing and solutions for CRM.

Change Intelligence best describes our value. It describes the core technology behind our platform and solutions.

More about what Change Intelligence is >

Introducing Seemore, Our Mascot

We have been toying with the idea of adopting a mascot for a year. Through this whole time I have thought about what this Mascot will achieve. First and foremost, Seemore is a change agent, a guide to change helping you navigate. It helps to quickly see what can break, what to fix and how to test it. Seemore wears a GPS to support you in your change or innovation process.

We wanted Seemore to make what we do more approachable and clear. Our solutions can seem very technical and so, using visuals to distill their value makes it easier to understand and recall.

We hope that you follow us through to the next chapter of Panaya. More exciting things are coming.. 

Ron Pick, Chief Marketing Officer at Panaya

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