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If the Facts Don’t Fit the Theory, Change the Facts

I’m not much of a ‘quotes’ person, but this is one I keep returning to:

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
– Einstein

Whether it’s living intelligence or business intelligence, survival and growth depend on an ability to change in response to environmental pressure. This type of change turns risk into opportunity.

When a storm is coming, animals migrate to safer environments. When businesses face bad weather, we migrate or change before lightning strikes.

The Problem Is, Lightning Only Needs to Strike Once

When businesses implement systems change, the changes themselves can become the lightning, creating more problems than solutions.

Imagine, for example that…

you’re responsible for a Salesforce Lightning migration for your entire organization to enable opening in a new region.

What Are the Facts?

All you know is…

The change must happen (yes, someone is already waiting for it…)

You know Salesforce Einstein’s AI features will help increase customer lifetime value. The decision has been made. You’re there to implement.

But, there may be…

Customer Impact

Customer data may become corrupt or get lost. Perhaps customer communications infrastructure will fall out of alignment.

Team Impact

You may face hours of down-time, hundreds, or thousands of colleagues may be negatively affected and business continuity may be hampered.

Get it right, and you’re the hero. Mess it up, and you just made new enemies you really didn’t need.

If You Can’t Explain Something Simply, You Don’t Understand the Facts Well Enough

If you were a wild animal escaping a storm, you’d act on impulse. As a rational person, the last thing you need is to act impulsively.

The problem is, no matter how rational you are, not knowing how major business system change will end up, means you’re relying on speculation.

And speculation limits your rational ability to understand the facts.

If Einstein Was Right, then It’s Time to Show Your Intelligence and Ability to Change

If only you could bring certainty to the speculation of planned changes to your ERP, CRM or business systems, before throwing the switch.

Mastering digital business change means turning speculation into simple facts. And that means gathering reliable intelligence everyone can agree on..

Panaya’s Change Intelligence Engine Turns Doubt into Certainty, and Speculation into Simple Facts

When speculation replaces facts, priorities become personal, strategy falls apart and optimal outcomes become the victim of subjective disagreement between different teams and individuals.

Panaya Brings Intelligence to Business Change

‘Panaya the Changes’, and you’ll convert the headache of speculation and guesswork into hard facts that explain in simple terms what your change outcomes will be – what will break, and what to do to avoid breakages.

Eliminate the Blame Game

By outsourcing change accountability to Panaya, you’ll gain change intelligence everyone can agree on. And you’ll eliminate the blame game that kills collaboration between teams and individuals.

How, Exactly, Can You ‘Panaya the Changes?’

The facts couldn’t be simpler.

First Simulate: Plan Intelligently

Panaya lets you simulate changes you want to make to your SAP, Salesforce or Oracle systems in theory, to establish the facts of what will happen.

Then Analyze: Create One Source of Truth

Before you go live with changes, use Panaya to visualize and understand objectively all of the potential system conflicts and consequences in rich detail.

Test & Scope

Before you push ‘GO!’, Panaya lets you manage predicted defects and automate testing plans so you can pre-correct errors, then test and track the planned corrections to see if they’ll work.


Want to Take Panaya for a Spin?

Change the facts ahead of time to fit the theory. ‘Panaya your plans’ intelligently and you’ll master your business changes, instead of letting the changes master you. Take a free test drive. We’ll let you drive.

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