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Lydia Flögel

Lydia is Field Marketing Manager for the DACH region at Panaya. Being a Marketing professional with more than 25 years of experience, including almost 10 years in the IT and software industries, she loves to help businesses grow. Lydia writes about ERP change analytics & cloud-based enterprise software testing with a focus on the German markets.

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Eissmann Group Automotive Aces EHP Upgrade: Ensuring Testing Quality
In today’s competitive market, controlling internal and external quality processes has become increasingly com...
No More Change Delivery Dilemma: Panaya Innovation Summit in Frankfurt
In 2016 Panaya held its very first customer event in the DACH region. Back then, topics revolved around the ch...


SAP HANA Migration Challanges: Avoiding 3 common pitfalls with UAT from the Cloud
More and more companies are running on SAP HANA. No wonder, HANA boasts the ability to accelerate business pro...
ERP Internationalization – Make it work with the global ERP project
Companies that sell products successfully inland, often contemplate to expand abroad. External markets do offe...
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