Eissmann Group Automotive Aces EHP Upgrade: Ensuring Testing Quality

EHP Upgrade with Panaya

In today’s competitive market, controlling internal and external quality processes has become increasingly complex for organizations across all industries. Specifically in the automotive industry, quality management optimization is crucial to avoid costly and reputation-damaging recalls.

Quality matters

Quality is not only an aspect for car and parts production, but also for the backend systems organizations rely on. Whenever change is required – and today change is required continuously – organizations need to make sure that there are no defects affecting the business. An automotive supplier’s system for example, must be up and running 24/7 to enable just-in-time delivery, often even across all time zones. Any system interruption would potentially put delivery and production on hold, hurting customers and damaging the company’s reputation.

Testing the Right Things the Right Way

Proper testing is crucial. A real-time code analysis of the enterprise applications would provide actionable insights into all other impacted transactions to ensure those impacted areas have test coverage and to predict the full impact of change, before changes are made.

A successful testing solution should tackle complexity and ensure business continuity while managing change, by aligning testing activities to mirror actual business in production. It should feature test management capabilities that are business process-centric and which deliver real-time visibility, control and collaboration into all testing activities. It shouldn’t be necessary to recreate or migrate existing scripts and business processes.

Ensuring Compliance through hassle-free Test Evidence

Last but not least, automatic documentation would reduce the back and forth between developers and testers, providing a record of steps for test reproduction and saving precious time. Ideally this documentation was always audit-ready, ensuring your compliance with all company quality standards.

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Eissmann Group Automotive’s safety net: Panaya Test Dynamix

Eissmann Group Automotive, a global leader in the manufacture of high-quality shifter modules, trim components and full car interiors, experienced the pains of insufficient insights and testing, when they embarked upon an upgrade to EHP5 years ago, whereby inventory via their SAP system had shown up as multiplied. To avoid even the slightest risk when upgrading to EHP7 and the HANA database, they chose Panaya which enabled them to not only eliminate critical errors but also save 50% of testing time.

Hear Martin Spiegler, Project Manager at Eissmann Group Automotive, talk about how using Panaya Test Dynamix, they managed to accelerate testing without compromising on scope or quality.

Before using Panaya, Eissmann Group Automotive experienced system defects in production when upgrading their EHP.

“With Panaya, especially in the automotive sector, you have a very high level of quality as well as time savings thanks to detailed reporting.” Martin Spiegler stated. “In total, we achieved 50% time savings on all regression tests and the upgrade tests, as we recorded our test cases and can re-use them every time.”

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