No More Change Delivery Dilemma: Panaya Innovation Summit in Frankfurt

Panaya Innovation Summit 2017

In 2016 Panaya held its very first customer event in the DACH region. Back then, topics revolved around the challenges and Panaya’s solutions for supporting vendor-driven ERP upgrades. A lot has changed since. Today, Panaya is the best change delivery partner. Today we’re all about eliminating the risk associated with rolling out business-driven change.

On October 24, we welcomed Panaya customers, prospects and partners to learn more about the new Panaya at our Innovation Summit in Frankfurt. Users, business experts and thought leaders came to seek knowledge and share their experiences on end-to-end testing and Enterprise Agile Delivery of applications. Here are some of the event’s most talked-about talks:

Martin Spiegler: Upgrade and Testing to SAP EHP7 and HANA DB

Project Manager Martin Spiegler knows the pains of an EHP Upgrade. When Eissmann Group Automotive embarked on an upgrade to EHP5 years ago, they ran into serious issues, he told us at the summit. To avoid even the slightest risk when upgrading to EHP7 and the HANA database, they chose Panaya and were able to not only eliminate critical errors but also save 50% of testing time and efforts.

Ulrich Thulke & Heidrun Beernink: Upgrade from EHP 0 to EHP 8 with Panaya Test Center

When a customer upgraded from the “stone age” to the “present”, Freudenberg IT had to face several additional challenges. One of those challenges was avoiding idle time between geographically dispersed teams in other SAP projects running in parallel, or resource bottlenecks in the customer’s project team. Freudenberg IT Principal Consultant Ulrich Thulke described how using Panaya helped them to experience the smoothest go-live in 20 years of SAP business, resulting in being asked if the go-live actually happened, as a day later there still weren’t any tickets raised.

The Panaya Story

Insights and news on End-to-End testing with Panaya and on Panaya Release Dynamix were shared by Panaya’s Director of Product Management, Testing Solutions, Serge Lazimi. Panaya Regional Account Manager Andreas Bandel provided an overview of the evolution of business models in digital transformation and its implications on enterprise applications. These talks completed the agenda of this information-packed day.

All participants agreed: the event was a success and not to be missed. They also were in agreement that now with Panaya, “fast or safe is no longer a change delivery dilemma.” Watch this video to see some of what you missed:

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