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Accelerate Testing by Adopting a Modern and Agile SaaS Tool

  • Modern and intuitive test management capabilities
  • Easy to use interface to engage business users
  • Collaborative communication for more streamlined SIT and UAT
  • Real-time visibility into the whole testing process and results that tie into business goals
  • Smart and efficient defect management process
  • Easy migration of all existing assets into Panaya

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Next Generation Test Management vs. Micro Focus QC


Panaya Test Dynamix

Micro Focus QC

Testing technical capabilities and functionalities

Various testing capabilities relevant to all roles (testers, developers, business users, managers)

Various testing capabilities relevant mainly to testers and technical experts

Business process validation

Business process-centric by design for planning, execution and evaluation that mirrors the actual business

Limited support for business process testing


Installation and implementation

Very easy (100% SaaS) – Onboard testers and business users in just a few hours

Difficult to install, define and maintain

Testing Documentation

Automatic and very detailed test evidence which can also be used as user guides

Manual documentation

Defect reporting

Easy, automatic and system wide

Time consuming and entirely manual

Testing collaboration

Out of the box collaboration between business process owners
Embedded collaboration capabilities at all levels (requirements, defects, tests) and for all stakeholders (developers, testers, business users)

No collaboration

Reports and dashboards

Recorded tests can be reused:

  1. To generate a regression test suite based on user captured knowledge
  2. As detailed test scripts for manual testing
  3. As detailed business process documentation
  4. As user guides

Manual definition for most reports

Notifications and dependencies

“Ready to test” notifications according to test- and defect associated steps, automated reminders and handovers for testers, business users and developers

No notifications for “ready to test”


Next Generation Test Management for the Agile Enterprise

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