Live Webinar
Tuesday, May 31st, 10:00 EDT

When you need to deliver fast, shortcuts will be taken. This is a fact when it comes to software development, and Salesforce is no different.

This is how technical debt is created. It’s a costly side effect of growth, and it cannot be ignored! Just like financial debt, if you don’t address it in time, it will accumulate and over time your teams will find themselves addressing issues with the platform instead of supporting customers and developing revenue opportunities – and this will have a direct impact on your ROI.

Join our upcoming webinar with Oz Lavee, Panaya ForeSight’s CTO:

Tackling Salesforce Technical Debt – May 31st @10 EDT

In the webinar we will talk about:

  • How to manage technical debt successfully
  • How to remove your existing debt
  • How to develop a plan to manage technical debt in the future.