Continuous Delivery
for Salesforce

Ensure your system is relevant – with certainty

Are your IT projects spinning out of control?

Do you find it difficult to manage the frequency, quantity and most importantly quality of software changes? With Panaya RDx for, ensure a safe, fast, release cadence for your Salesforce system. You’ll gain the certainty you need when going into production, so that you can continuously deliver change with confidence. Exchange calculated guesswork with a clear visibility into your Salesforce delivery pipeline.

Accurately pinpoint your development needs


  • Gain multidimensional views of risk
  • Pinpoint development needs
  • Foresee and resolve any risks associated with the change
  • Create smart test plans and remove risk
  • Know how ready you are for production, and make informed decisions when going into production
  • Standardize requirement approval workflow for increased efficiency throughout the entire SFDC application lifecycle


  • Foresee all point-and-click customization and Salesforce Apex development needs and ensure test coverage by tracking and monitoring test status.
  • Standardize requirement approval workflow to comply with internal change introduction processes
  • Automatically highlight testing needs and risks based on change requests
  • Increase quality and business assurance by mapping tests and defects to business change requests and development requirements
  • Leverage built-in notifications to relevant stakeholders to resolve conflicts and remove dependencies typically found in complex, cross-functional and geographically dispersed workflows.

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