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Best Practices to Managing SAP® & Oracle® ERP Change

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Enterprise Agile Delivery: Modern ALM for
Confident Software Delivery

Visualize and manage your demand streams in one place, with visibility and traceability into assigned projects and scheduled releases.

Project & Portfolio Management

Visualize the scope of your releases with dashboards and reports across multiple projects waves down to the requirements completion status

Release Management

Factor in real-time insights and gain multidimensional views into impact and risk for data-based decision making ensuring production-ready code.

Delivery Impact & Risk Mitigation

Take a Business Process-Centric Approach to Test Management
& Execution

  • Engage multiple users with integrated collaboration tools, simplifying cross-functional business process testing
  • Create test scripts faster by auto-capturing user activities
  • Convert user activities in production with auto-generated test scripts
  • Assign testers as you create your own tests
  • Create business process variants for multiple countries and business units in large scale projects

A business process-centric approach to test management and execution accelerates and standardizes change delivery while ensuring quality.

Test Dynamix

Manage Defects Across Projects Within a Release

  • Reduce back and forth between testing and development teams with built-in notifications
  • Defect resolution automatically notifies when testers need to retest
  • Testers easily close defects as soon as retest is passed so no more defects remain in status “resolved”
  • System Wide Defect proactively eliminates the inflation of defects by automatically identifying those tests which can potentially be harmed by the new defect

Manage defects across projects as you streamline release cycles with built-in notifications and communication tools.


Manage risk early with impact analysis, code quality review, risk based testing and real time risk.

Shift Left Delivery

Easily customize the requirement to reflect the delivery process of its assigned value steam from ideation to deployment. Allocate resources, assign user stories, prioritize backlogs and manage tests and defects based on a visible requirements matrix

Requirements Management

Understand the full breath of releases in real time. Gain transparency to developer’s execution of business requirements with burn down charts, agile planning and Kanban flows.

Development Transparency

Automated monitoring and proactive notifications ensure quicker and more efficient resolution for greater quality assurance.
Avoid defect inflation with automatic detection of system wide defects.

Smart Defect Management

Customizable approval workflows, Test Evidence Automation and e-signature ensure compliance with all internal and external quality and Q-Gate KPIs standards across all releases.

Enterprise IT Governance

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“We would not have been able to do the testing that we did if we hadn’t had the automation and the acceleration potential that Panaya brought to the table.”

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“Release Dynamix holds the promise of changing the way we manage our processes and projects. The solution provides a best of breed ALM application that takes into accounts all aspects of application change delivery, including ERP change conflicts within a release”

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“Panaya’s system-wide defect tracking is so smooth, we use it to communicate with developers, testers, users and even external applications partners.”

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Experience Enterprise Agile Delivery


Receive your value on a monthly basis, with a subscription service that requires no hardware installation, no complex licensing models just SaaS.

Built-in Collaboration Tools

Streamline release cycles with collaboration, automated coordination and communication within the singular platform

Panaya Connect APIs

Connecting APIs to the tools your teams are already using, gain full visibility to all stages and teams involved in the release cycle so that communications and information is streamlined

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