7 Risks to Avoid on Your Journey to SAP S/4HANA®

Using Vendor-Agnostic AI to Validate, Accelerate, and De-Risk Migration

Migrating to S/4HANA is not a trivial matter. Under the hood, S/4HANA represents a significant technical redesign that requires a complex conversion taking up much time, resources, and capital.

Being able to easily quantify the scope and complexity of your S/4HANA conversion effort is equally critical for making a successful business case and running a successful migration project.

Read this White Paper to understand:

  • Why the move to S/4HANA is not just an upgrade, but a business process transformation
  • The role of System Integrators (Sis) and the need to validate SI findings
  • How Panaya can help you accelerate and de-risk your S/4HANA migration

Migrate Smart

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