Panaya Release Dynamix

Reduce the Time, Cost & Risk
of SAP® Changes by 30%-50%

From maintenance to new functionality to customization, ERP change is relentless. Designed to deliver benefits, change projects also introduce cost, risk and complexity. When you make a change in your SAP system, it will have downstream impact on multiple business processes.

Here we see a timeline based view of all system changes, their nature, and volume.

Combining change impact, code remediation and collaborative, cross-organizational testing tools, Panaya RDx is a uniquely simple solution for SAP customers.

Mitigate Risk with Real-Time Impact Analysis

Change Impact Analysis

Immediately gain visibility to impacted objects and their respective productions usage, Test Coverage Score and Automatic Code Quality defects identification and their correction tasks

Business Process Risk Analysis

Map any impacted entry point within your business process library to understand the  downstream impact on any business process while optimizing your regression cycle

Code Quality Analysis

Automatically combine coding and quality assurance into a single activity to eliminate code instability with predefined ABAP standards for security, performance, maintainability, robustness and compliance

What to Test, What to Fix

Test Coverage

Risk-based testing plans that define the right coverage required to address the risk

Code Fix

Impacted codes are mapped and highlighted so you can quickly implement the relevant code components to fix the affected areas

Manage and Accelerate Test Execution

Smart Defect Management

For quick and efficient release cycles, reduced duplication of defects and more efficient project timelines

Automatic Test Plan Generation

Based on impacted transaction that define the optimal coverage capable of addressing all risk using existing test libraries

Record & Play

Enables the capturing of tests in a single click which can be reused for codeless automation

Gain Visibility and Reduce Risk

Detailed Risk Cockpit

Visualize the scope of upcoming releases, and overall risk to SAP change implementation, based on dev, test, governance and risk.

Move to S/4HANA

Panaya ensures continuous quality throughout the S/4HANA project, enabling companies to be more agile in addressing constant change, and ultimately safeguarding their journey to S/4HANA. 

SAP EHP Upgrade

Panaya simplifies the EHP upgrade by removing complexity and risk, leveraging automation and crowd wisdom so that you can effectively plan, scope, prioritize and test all your ERP changes to guarantee a zero-risk go live.

SAP HANA Upgrades

Adoption for SAP HANA is growing and businesses are preparing for the move to S/4 HANA which for many, requires upgrading the ERP and the challenges of time, cost, impact and risk. Panaya meets those challenges by accelerating change and reducing overall project time.

SAP Testing

With full visibility into the end-to-end SAP business processes, based on crowd wisdom of over 9000 change projects and 5 million test scripts, Panaya provides a scalable test solution to accelerate testing, creating a truly Agile SAP environment.

Your SAP® ERP Changes.
50% Faster. 100% Safer.

Best Practices to Managing SAP ERP Change

“We would not have been able to do the testing that we did if we hadn’t had the automation and the acceleration potential that Panaya brought to the table.”

“Release Dynamix holds the promise of changing the way we manage our processes and projects. The solution provides a best of breed ALM application that takes into accounts all aspects of application change delivery, including ERP change conflicts within a release”

“Panaya’s system-wide defect tracking is so smooth, we use it to communicate with developers, testers, users and even external applications partners.”

With real-time insights into change risk and quality, and automatic corrective actions, you can quickly and safely release business application changes into production

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