Autonomous Testing™ for SAP

Experience Zero-Touch Testing

Panaya Autonomous Testing™ for SAP Enables Zero-Touch Test Case Creation and Maintenance

  • Simplify the process of creating and maintaining manually engineered scripts 
  • Leverage machine learning to automatically create real-life test cases based on Business User activities captured in production

Key Features:

Eliminate the tedious manual processes aimed at business knowledge capture through innovative technologies which enable zero-touch test case creation

Autonomous Testing

By automatically capturing transactions from real users in production and converting them into representative test cases that represent domain expertise, Autonomous Testing™ eliminates the pains associated with business knowledge capture and the process of creating and maintaining manually engineered scripts. As a result, you test just the right things.

Key Capabilities of Autonomous Testing℠ for SAP

Once the Autonomous Testing™ converter is enabled on production user workstations, it automatically and continuously gathers user activities during production. Panaya machine learning, ensures an always up-to-date, accurate and maintenance-free regression suite.

Machine Learning
Manage all manual tests in Panaya, and if you use another tool for automation, we can manage it within Panaya with automation cycle

The machine learning engine at the core of Panaya’s Autonomous Testing™ converts business user activities into test cases, without user intervention.

While continually capturing and analyzing transactions during production, Omega algorithms synthesize an accurate regression suite by automatically converting user activities into test scripts.

The result: a comprehensive set of use cases that reflect actual business usage, instrumental in verifying how SAP updates would impact critical business processes, ensuring error-proof testing that mirrors actual user behavior.

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“We would not have been able to do the testing that we did if we hadn’t had the automation and the acceleration potential that Panaya brought to the table.”


“By automatically capturing screens and linking them to the test steps, we probably save 50% of our test time per test. As a result of the time savings, we’ve been able to work on projects that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise.”

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“Panaya’s system-wide defect tracking is so smooth, we use it to communicate with developers, testers, users and even external applications partners.”

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