Testing Practices in Leading Enterprises Revealed

Functional Test Research Report

The 2017 State of Functional Testing survey results are out, revealing both positive and negative feedback regarding the change currently experienced by the testing industry. Shifting priorities like new digital customer experiences impact enterprise IT testing practices and the testing solution market stands in need of disruptive innovation.

Panaya commissioned Spiceworks to survey 154 IT testing decision-makers in the US and the UK, in order to gain insights regarding current practices, trends, challenges and perceptions of business process testing.  Some of the key pain points for participants include: delivering quality at speed, meeting the new requirements of continuous delivery, getting Business and IT to engage better. The report summarizing the survey results may be used as a true seismograph in gauging the impact of digital transformation on enterprise organizations and discovering any market gaps that might be currently impeding the testing industry.

Surprising Results

The survey addresses complexities and challenges met by testers today ‘in the trenches’. We asked testers how these complexities are handled within their organizations and how this, in turn, impacts their organization’s business. The results were surprising. For example, we found that over one-third of testers always test more than needed to ensure quality, causing delays and other forms of waste.

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More Reasons to Read This Report

If you are at all worried about or wondering how other testing executives are handling continuous delivery, agile and other testing dilemmas, read the report to gain real insight into the practices of other QA teams.

Benchmark your challenges and goals against those of leading global organizations and see where you stand – so you know where there is room to improve. Benefit from trends identified and practical recommendations on how to leverage those trends to your advantage.

The report explores:

  • Business-IT convergence and the implications on testing
  • Adoption patterns for test management and automation tools and solutions
  • The functionality gap and vision for testing solutions in the age of agile and continuous delivery
  • How machine learning goes beyond automation to optimize test case creation and maintenance

State of Functional Testing Report

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