EFS Attests: Accelerating Testing by 50% is Possible

EFS Automate SAP Testing

Do you need your tests to be audit-ready? Would you benefit from on-demand visibility into your testing activities and being able to act in real time to relieve bottlenecks? Are you an Excel mastermind but have stretched its capabilities to the maximum?

You might want to look at the way Etablissement Français du Sang (EFS, French National Blood Service) evolved their testing practices.

The EFS Management Information System (MIS) department1 needed a tool to manage all their testing activities. Additionally, the organization was embarking on an ongoing project to consolidate some of the operational regions.

EFS MIS did not have a test management solution to support this major event. Some of the processes were quite complex, impacting tens of SAP modules and up to 30 functional testers (out of the hundred Panaya users). EFS MIS needed to better control the testing of changes on the SAP system and any software that interfaces with the relevant modules.

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The EFS MIS team evaluated Panaya Test Center for centralized test management and saw the potential for increased visibility, standardization and control in meeting their challenges.

Using Panaya Test Center, Etablissement Français du Sang was able to reduce testing delays by 50%, improve methods and efficiency and be audit-ready at all times. Read the EFS case study for the full story and testing best practices.

1 EFS Information System has two sub-main departments: Medical Activity and Management Information System. This case study involves only the latter which mostly supports processes within the organization. In this context, the term EFS Information System (EFS MIS) refers to the Management Information System department.

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