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Codeless Automated Testing Today

In the world of enterprise testing of ERP and critical packaged applications, the impact on business processes can not be underestimated. While modern test management platforms can greatly enhance manual testing, there’s a growing need for a codeless approach to automated functional and business process testing for ERP and packaged application users.

With codeless test automation tools, business teams can effortlessly create automated tests using tools that capture user interactions and can repeat scenarios on demand. This approach is applicable in various contexts, from ERP systems like SAP and Oracle to other enterprise cloud applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Workday.

The challenges of test automation – and how we solve the issue

It is important to highlight some key challenges in test automation for SAP and how Panaya addresses these issues.

Knowing what to test and automate  

Many teams today struggle with identifying the right test cases and right processes to automate. This is not only inefficient but also leads to increased cost in your automation strategy.

Panayas AI-driven codeless test automation will help you to pinpoint the critical areas to test and to automate. This helps focus on high impact processes while simultaneously reducing the risk.

Manual regression testing

Manual regression testing is always a bottleneck, which translates into being extremely time consuming. It can slow down release cycles, making it hard to keep pace, or innovate fast enough.

Panaya can automate regression testing, providing quicker consistent feedback, significantly reducing the bottleneck of regression testing, allowing for faster and more reliable releases.

Reliance on test engineers

Most automation tools in the market today rely on skilled automation engineers, which strains resources and can cause delays in the process.

Our codeless test automation solution on the other hand, empowers business users and less technical team members to create and maintain automated tests by themselves. This reduces the dependency on specialized engineers.

Complex enterprise scenarios

There is often a lack of in depth understanding of complex enterprise scenario. Let’s face it, enterprise environments are complex, and understanding the interaction across ERP systems, different technologies, and different UIs is something that is crucial in test automation.

At Panaya, we have been aware of this for years. Our deep understanding of ERP systems combined with the intelligent test recommendation that our solution can provide, will ensure comprehensive coverage of complex scenarios, enhancing your test efficiency and securing your business.

Maintenance of automated tests 

This is probably one of the main pain points that is discussed in the topic of test automation. The fact that SAP also has different UIs, makes this more complex. There are multiple UIs businesses use including:

  • SAP Fury
  • Additional legacy UIs

Maintaining automated tests can be a very challenging as applications evolve. Panaya addresses this with self feeding capabilities, ensuring that tests automatically adapt to changes.

Additionally, our SAP and SAP Fury pre-optimized engines can very simply handle complex UI elements in your automated script. This includes calendars, tables, filters, checkboxes – all of the complex elements that typically cause many issues during the test automation process.

Business and IT collaboration

Most automation tools are designed for test engineers.  This makes business user involvement very difficult.

Panaya fosters collaboration with an intuitive and single interface, that allows both business users and IT to contribute within the same platform. This ensures that automation efforts align with business needs.

What sets our smart testing apart? 

Panaya’s comprehensive end-to-end solution revolves around three pillars; test management, test automation, and change impact analysis. These pillars work together to provide a unique and integrated offer for smart testing.

Let’s break it down.  

  • Smart Test Management – This is a centralized platform for planning, managing and executing test cases, whether they are manual or automated. It ensures efficient collaboration and comprehensive coverage. This is where you can accelerate your UAT by 50% with real time collaboration, as well as trigger automated tests on demand, off schedule.
  • Codeless Test Automation – The second pillar is codeless automation. It supports various applications and technology, enabling rapid reliable test execution with minimal maintenance.
  • Change Impact Analysis – Panaya can analyze the impact of your SAP changes, identify risks and affected areas to ensure focused and risk free deployment. This is a very powerful tool that can help do risk-based testing in a smart way.

What are the key benefits of codeless test information?

Codeless convenience

Firstly, there is the convenience. This solution breaks downs barriers with quick onboarding, enabling even non coders to create robust automated scripts effortlessly.

Our AI prompts make automation extremely simple and accessible. We have added many generative AI capabilities that allow you to converse with your automation tool in order to do automation.

AI core power

Panaya helps you know what to test, by pinpointing the impact with AI powered change analysis. When this is coupled with automation execution, it boosts regression testing cycles and smart based risk testing.

The introduction of Gen AI into the automation tool is a game changer. It enhances and boosts the productivity of testers with complex operations that are significantly simplified.

App excellence

Panaya’s deep domain expertise in SAP and business application is not new. This allows us to provide an optimized and robust automation engine made for SAP, with self filling algorithms to optimize testing maintenance and increase test efficiency and resiliency.

Fast lined to automation

This is one of the advantages of working on one platform for manual and automated tests. You can easily expedite your journey from manual to automation by liberating all your existing manual assets, manual test repositories, and documentation that was automatically generated by Panaya during your manual testing.

This will help you move very quickly on automation, maximizing efficiency and speeding up the transition from manual testing to automation testing.

 We provide the only native platform for all your testing in one native platform that can combine these three pillars of test management, test automation and change impact analysis in one tool and one user interface. This can truly streamline processes and improve efficiency across the testing life cycle.

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