Release Management

Manage the risk and not the routine

Visualize the Scope of Your Releases Across Multiple Project Waves

Expectations are high, and when it comes to software release management organizations are moving faster to deliver more. However, organizations struggle to control an array of applications, projects, releases, technologies and teams. Get order and control with Panaya Release Dynamix to manage release cycles in an efficient and effective way and ensure on-time and risk-free delivery of current projects.

Release Management
Release Dashboard


  • Leverage real-time data to make informed decisions and collaborative functionalities for accelerated results.
  • Make data-based decisions on delivery timelines for upcoming releases.
  • Ensure timely delivery of current projects.


Dashboards and Deports

Provide visibility into the scope of releases across multiple project waves down to the requirements completion status.

Collaborative Functionalities

Accelerate communication.

Customizable Requirements Approval Workflow

Easily apply regulation and compliance policy.

Drag-and-Drop Planning Board

Easily scope-out or postpone requirements.

Crunched actionable insights

Mitigate risk of complex releases and multiple project increments.

Turnkey Progress and Risk Dashboards

Ensure release velocity and constant improvement.

White Paper

Enterprise Agile Delivery: Modern ALM for Confident Software Delivery

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