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Ronit Eliav

Ronit Eliav is the Director of Product Marketing at Panaya. With a deep interest in digital transformation and the latest IT trends, she enjoys creating and sharing thought leadership around such topics as agile and continuous delivery, DevOps, quality assurance and IT modernization projects.

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If you had read this kind of article a few years ago, the answer to the question in the title might have read ...
Salesforce Implementation – The Safe Way
Implementing Salesforce—the world’s biggest and most popular CRM system—can be a daunting prospect, especially...
Recap of the Latest & Greatest Salesforce Versions
What a year 2018 was for Salesforce! We’ve had some really amazing features released over the year, from sleek...
All You Need to Know About Salesforce Integrations and Salesforce Apps
As a standalone platform, Salesforce is amazing. It has countless features, with new ones always being develop...
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