Salesforce Shift Left: Maximize Value, Minimize Costs

In the fast-paced world of Salesforce, ‘Shift Left’ is more than just a buzzword; it’s a valid strategy with tangible financial gains. By focusing on the ‘planning and analysis’ phase rather than just on ‘development and testing’ and usually being surprised, you’re not only capturing the true needs of users, on time but also saving costs — addressing issues during the analysis phase is proven to be 100x cheaper than after releasing to production.

In this webinar, Oz Lavee, CTO of Panaya ForeSight, and Carlos Siqueira, Salesforce Advisor and Evangelist, explore the pivotal questions:

  • Is our deployed change truly bringing value?
  • What are the risks of breaking something else?
  • Can we anticipate and mitigate potential Org disruptions?
  • What are the hidden costs of hurried patches in production?

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The difference between aligning with user needs vs. their true wishes pre-deployment
  • Techniques to predict and prevent potential Org disruptions
  • The real costs of patches rushed into production and their effects
  • Insights of ‘Change Intelligence’ Platforms and their role in successful Shift Left strategies

Misaligned deployments can compromise Org integrity, decrease adoption, and erode trust. It’s not enough to talk about Shift Left; we need to practice it during the earliest stages of business analysis. Dive into the world of Change Intelligence Platforms with us, understanding their role in providing a comprehensive view of business requirements, technical impacts, and potential risks.

Shift intelligently with Salesforce!

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