Panaya Test Dynamix

Reduce the Time, Cost & Risk
of ERP Changes by 30%-50%

Panaya Test Dynamix is a Test Acceleration Platform that Helps Organizations accelerate testing processes for all stakeholders, reducing overall testing effort by 30-50% » Standardize testing processes for overall increased software quality by having both business users and IT adopt the same testing methodology » Gain real-time visibility over all test cycles, including large scale UAT.

Accelerate and standardize packaged application testing to drive more innovation.

By encompassing the needs of both IT and Business users, within standardized testing processes, Panaya TDx reduces testing efforts by 30-50%.

Requirement Traceability

Define requirements and related test plans for requested application change. Monitor their progress, ensuring full traceability of all changes.

Intuitive Test Planning

Tests reflect end-to-end business process sequence, making planning and onboarding fast and intuitive for application testing.

Collaborative Test Execution

Facilitate the collaboration between your cross-functional and globally dispersed stakeholders (business and IT) to speed up test.

Test Evidence Automation

Save time by automatically capturing every test execution. Documentation can serve as audit-ready test evidence or as user guides.

Smart Defect Management

Automated monitoring and proactive notifications ensure quicker and more efficient resolution for greater quality assurance.

Real-Time Test Monitoring

Full test visibility and tracking with intuitive dashboards and reports, reflecting the progress at the test and at the business process level.

SAP Testing

With full visibility into the end-to-end SAP business processes, based on crowd wisdom of over 9000 change projects and 5 million test scripts, Panaya provides a scalable test solution to accelerate testing, creating a truly Agile SAP environment.

Oracle Testing

Based on the crowd wisdom of over 9000 change projects and 5 million test scripts, Panaya provides a scalable test solution to accelerate testing, creating a truly agile Oracle environment.

Discover an all New Testing Experience

Reduce testing effort by 30-50% with accelerated testing processes for all stakeholders.

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“We would not have been able to do the testing that we did if we hadn’t had the automation and the acceleration potential that Panaya brought to the table.”

“By automatically capturing screens and linking them to the test steps, we probably save 50% of our test time per test. As a result of the time savings, we’ve been able to work on projects that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise.”

“Panaya’s system-wide defect tracking is so smooth, we use it to communicate with developers, testers, users and even external applications partners.”

With real-time insights into change risk and quality, and automatic corrective actions, you can quickly and safely release business application changes into production

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