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Eissmann Saved 50% of Testing Time & Efforts in the EHP/HANA Project

A SAP upgrade has just been completed (a sigh of relief) and something wasn’t tested properly. Ever had that experience? When Eissmann Group Automotive – a global leader in the manufacture of high-quality shifter modules, trim components and full car interiors – noticed their inventory showing up as multiplied via their SAP system, they’ve realized that their system was not tested properly before go-live and decided – never again.

In order to avoid similar unpleasant experiences when upgrading to the SAP HANA database and ECC EHP7 in one go, Eissmann required a thorough pre-testing impact analysis and chose Panaya Test Center.

At Eissmann, SAP was implemented in a Waterfall model. Users include headquarters, production plants and worldwide locations. For every new go-live (functional enhancements and vendor-driven alike), carefully planned regression testing is executed to avoid any halts in production. Eissmann is known for their high-quality standards, which they apply to both their products and SAP landscape.

Eissmann’s system must be up and running 24/7 and deliver just-in-time across all time zones. Any interruption of the system would potentially put delivery and production on hold, causing penalties by automotive customers.

Panaya Test Center has enabled better scoping and prioritization at the planning phase. Rather than using manual test cases and prioritization heuristics (e.g., production and logistics come first, finance later), the testing team at Eissmann can now rely on hard data and system recommendations derived from Eissmann’s own business usage, as recorded by Panaya Test Center during production.

Without compromising on quality, the same volume of test cases could be executed, while saving 50% of the time for regression testing, thanks to recorded test scenarios. In addition, the code fixing phase could be reduced by 50%, thanks to code change recommendations.

Eissmann got the foresight and visibility they needed, resulting in confidence and time savings during planning, execution and project management. Read the full Eissmann case study for testing best practices.

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