Panaya is Victoria’s Secret to Faster and Better SAP Changes

by | November 3, 2015


Panaya is Victoria’s Secret to Faster and Better SAP Changes

Panaya is thrilled to welcome Victoria’s Secret, by way of Lbrands to Panaya’s growing list of “Faster and Better Changes for the Fortune 500.”

Let’s take a look at the Business Changes Cycle and how Panaya helps Lbrands.

In most cases, the business demands new capabilities. The CIO receives the request and passes it onto the application team. The Lbrands application team is now leveraging Panaya to ensure faster and better SAP changes. The changes will be complete in less time, with less cost and high quality. The business now widens its moat and competitive edge. A win-win for Lbrands’ business and the CIO.

The Business Changes Cycle never stops. It begins anew when the business asks for new capabilities…

PCQ Suite 4

Congratulations to Lbrands!


The brands of Lbrands include Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, Pink, La Senza and Henri Bendel. The company was founded in 1963 and is a Fortune 500 component.


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