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Foresee the potential risk and complexity of a planned Salesforce change, BEFORE going live

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The Salesforce
Complexity Dilemma

Changes to your business mean changes to your Salesforce Org.  As Salesforce Orgs mature, they become more complex, the risks associated with change grow, and the ability to innovate and constantly meet business needs becomes more challenging.

is 20/20
And So is ForeSight

Gain full visibility into the dependencies within your Org, easily identify the exact areas of impact, instantly understand the potential risk, and quickly scope development to ensure high-quality releases, everytime.

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Solutions for Salesforce

Salesforce Impact Analysis

Lead change management with full visibility into your Org dependencies and impact points to mitigate risk of errors and accelerate change.  Select a Salesforce component and instantly see what affects it and what is affected by it.

Salesforce Testing

Streamline your testing processes with risk-based testing to reduce resource inefficiencies, save time and release safely. Accurately determine in advance what will break so you can test only what NEEDS to be tested.

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Our customers

“With Panaya ForeSight, we are able to completely automate impact analysis, and that is helping us reduce our lead time as well as proving more accurate details on what is the impact and reducing manual effort”


“For orgs, young or old, it is easy to never get the full picture when analyzing, testing, and developing components within your environment. Panaya provides a way to know what you should know and presents it in a way that allows for easy action. This tool has been essential for my organization’s evaluation of unused fields and more recently, our migration to Lightning… I would highly recommend this tool.”

“With our org being touched by many previous admins, when I started I had no idea where things were. It was taking average 30 min to 3 hrs sometimes to get my list of scopes to investigate. After using a demo for a week, I was able to quickly pull up what’s impacted and what needs to be look at in 5 seconds. “

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Use the Discovery Chrome Extension to quickly analyze your Salesforce Org’s components with Panaya ForeSight, with just the click of a button.

Change with Confidence

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