Hillarys Wins SAP Award for Fast S/4HANA Migration with Panaya

Hillarys Wins SAP Award with Panaya

Following up on a blog from last month, Hillarys Blinds won a SAP Quality Award for Fast Delivery on November 11th for their quick migration to SAP S/4HANA using Panaya’s CloudQuality™ Suite (PCQ).  This is not only the 57th migration for Panaya, but a testament to the quality assurance PCQ brings organizations in their journey and successful completion to S/4HANA.  In this specific case, using PCQ, Hillarys was able to reduce their development work by 30 – 50% to help achieve their fast delivery.

The journey to SAP S/4HANA

Adoption for SAP HANA is growing as businesses are preparing for the move to S/4 HANA, which for many, requires upgrading the ERP and the challenges of time, cost, impact and risk. Panaya meets those challenges, ensuring continuous quality of enterprise applications, enabling companies to be more agile in addressing constant change, and ultimately safeguarding their journey to S/4HANA.  Panaya delivers safe and timely change by combining impact analysis, code remediation, and collaborative testing tools for IT and the business.  The solution removes the guesswork of the upgrade, reducing effort and risk.  Companies can leverage PCQ through each phase of their S/4HANA project from developing the business case, going back to standard and upgrading to the HANA database and finally to S/4HANA.

Removing the S/4HANA migration pitfalls

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For this project, Hillarys migrated its SAP Business Suite to S4/HANA (ECC, CRM & BW) and upgraded ECC5 to readiness for S4/HANA.  Despite the large scope of the ERP project, it was important to the management that there be a minimum of downtime.  So, how fast was Hillarys able to turn around their S/4HANA migration?  Well, what was initially estimated as a three year project was completed in five months.   “This award is especially enjoyable since it’s for doing one sixth of the work initially projected,” said Julian Bond, head of ICT at Hillarys. “Upgrading 15 years of SAP custom-code development was initially assessed to be a major project requiring extensive investments of time, personnel, and money with a plethora of potential pitfalls – including major business interruption. Panaya’s tech brought it to heel, reducing all resource requirements and business risk, and we were done in six months.”

Adoption of S/4HANA grows

Since upgrading to SAP S/4HANA, Hillarys has been reaping the benefits of the digital transformation that was promised and delivered with this project. In fact, the delivery of digital transformation with SAP S/4HANA are evident in the adoption of this technology, specifically the HANA database which is needed to run S/4HANA. Additionally, according to an article in Bloomberg Technology, S/4HANA currently has about 4100 customers, all with hopes of reshaping their IT to focus on innovation.

Many SAP customers are slow to move to S/4HANA as it is still considered uncharted territory, costly and without a proven ROI. However, understanding how to transition will help organizations better identify how to realize their business case for S/4HANA. To hear a step-by-step guideline on how to reach SAP S/4HANA and get an understanding of how to transition efficiently, on your pace with less risk, watch the webinar Practical Steps for a Smooth Transition to S/4HANA >>

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