Five Things You Didn’t Know About Oracle EBS Releases

EBS Releases Infographic

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1. Only 9% of planned patch files actually get deployed

Most organizations strive to stay current with their patches and fixes. However, in reality only 9% of patch files will actually get to production mainly because of the fear of unknown. Not being able to anticipate Impact, time, effort and risk associated with change leads people to avoid change when possible

2. The frequency of releases depends of the level of customization

Organizations which are highly customized have a release strategy of almost 8 releases per year. A Release is usually a combination of oracle patch fixes and Customization enhancements or a Large Patch sets/ Rollup Patch / Critical Patch update, which are usually deployed separately and are considered a major release on their own.

3. 36% of the test plan is needless

A third of the business process defined as part of the test scope are around areas which are not truly impacted.
On the other hand, on average there are between 4-10 objects per release which are not covered as part of the test scope and are actually impacted. These are usually identified only after go live.

4. The size of a patch says nothing about its’ impact.

On one hand, there are large releases which might have only a few objects impacted.
On the other, a very small release, with only a few fixes, may impact many objects and cross module business processes.

5. 47% of the releases impact only 4 modules

The main impacted modules are: AO, INV, AR, PO.
53% of the releases are spread across more than 13 modules and may impact cross module objects

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Oracle EBS Releases


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