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Liad Tal

Liad Tal is a senior Product Marketing Manager at Panaya. Liad has over 18 years of technical and sales experience in enterprise technologies. Liad writes about ERP Market trends focused on SAP and Oracle as well as change management and enablement in organizations, driving ERP agility in the era of Digital Transformation.

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Oracle On Premise Vs. Cloud – The Hybrid Reality
The shift to the cloud is coming. There’s no stopping it. Yet steering the massive ship of your enterprise IT ...
Five Things You Didn’t Know About Oracle EBS Releases
**Insights powered by Panaya’s Crowd Wisdom Analytics 1. Only 9% of planned patch files actually get deployed ...
Get in the know. Avoid surprises on your Oracle EBS upgrade!
If there is one thing all Oracle EBS Upgrade project managers agree on, it is to expect the unexpected. There ...
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