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David Giller is CEO at Brainiate. He is also a Salesforce MVP, Trainer, Consultant, Blogger, Author and Salesforce User Group Leader. On paper, David is an attorney - although he is currently retired from practicing law. Through a series of bizarre and unexpected twists in his career, David found himself managing product development & marketing in various law-related industries. Then he ended up managing large-scale IT projects at NBC Universal and GE Capital - where he was first introduced to Salesforce. According to David, it was love at first login.Today, David helps organizations to "make Salesforce easy" by training employees, identifying areas of improve the existing Salesforce configuration, and sharing best practices to help organizations get the most out of the Salesforce platform.

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Salesforce Data Cleanup – Take out the trash
Of all the steps necessary to clean up your Salesforce org, this one is definitely the least glamorous. This i...
Salesforce Integrations
Salesforce integrations, what are they? What kinds of problems can they introduce to your Salesforce database?...
Tips for Salesforce User Configuration
Unit 2 – How to Clean your Salesforce Org In this installment of How to Clean Your Salesforce Org, we’re going...
How to Clean Your Salesforce Org in Six Steps: Step 1
This is the very first step – Understanding your Business Processes. Before we dive into the series, let’s mak...
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