The Modern ERP Test Manager

Best Practices for Large-Scale ERP Testing

On-Demand Webinar

Legacy Test Management practices cannot keep up – they just don’t fit with new models of remote work and can’t track or report real-time progress efficiently.

However, with modern practices and solutions, you can control and streamline large-scale testing cycles – wherever you are.

Join Gurit Heitner, Panaya’s Customer Success group leader, to find out how ERP test managers can make any large-scale testing project into a walk in the park and how to turbocharge ERP transformation projects by getting business user buy-in.

During the webinar, you will learn:
  • Why legacy ERP testing can’t meet today’s demands
  • How to drive ERP transformation projects by getting more business user buy-in
  • How ERP test managers can take full advantage of modern solutions

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