High-Speed to S/4HANA Innovation:
Why, How, and Best Practices for Upgrades Automation

On-Demand Webinar

The ECC era is over and you have started the S/4HANA journey a while ago.

The mindset is different and you are expected to constantly deliver the innovation increments you have committed to when you decided to migrate.

The S/4HANA has a steady cadence which finally enable you to plan the next step, plan the budget and spearhead your business to utilize best practices for maximum efficiency ROI.

Breakout from the past ECC reactive mode and start planning an S/4HANA innovation strategy with a clear execution path.

Listen to our domain expert, Zinette Ezra, Chief Product Officer, to understand:

  • Why should you embrace a steady innovation cadence?
  • How to change the reactive mindset and plan a clear strategy?
  • Best practices to upgrade from older versions to the latest, and what to expect on the business side

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