SAP S/4HANA Assessment

Cover All Your Activities Across All Migration Phases

Have a Full Understanding of Any Business or Technical Impact Before You Change

Know all project activities and effort in under 48 hours, including all estimations and optimization factors, covering both remediation and testing activities.

Your Crystal Ball for S/4HANA Migration

Panaya shows you the full scope of the impact S/4HANA has on your system and existing business processes, with a tailored pre-migration assessment package in under 48 hours, covering standard and custom code, so you could save time on your migration while minimizing your risk.

Your Crystal Ball for S/4HANA Migration


Key Benefits

migration analysis icon
migration analysis icon

Build Your Business Case Based
on Real Data, Not Guesswork

Optimize your scope, timeline, and staff-hours based on your code.


Know the Exact Project
Labor and Cost

See your optimal objective effort estimation in just 48 hours without any SI or in-house expertise


Know What Expertise
Will You Need

See the detailed breakdown of effort allocation per activity, to accurately plan your resources

Key Features

Panaya Change Intelligence Impact Analysis for S/4HANA

See the implications of S/4HANA upfront with in-depth S/4HANA conversion analysis spreading across custom and standard objects, covering dozens of correction categories, and over 70 correction types and 11K deleted transactions, including all correction activities, cloned programs, and impact on test catalog

Optimal Scope & Timelines Assessment

Build your business case, project plan, and timeline based on detailed effort estimation already broken down into multiple categories and types. Optimize your project scope by knowing each task’s and test’s priority and test, and focusing on the right corrections and tests to make sure you eliminate your risk as you minimize your scope.


Quantified Data-Driven Effort Estimation

Make an informed decision on your resource allocation by understanding the appropriate effort, time, and skill set required in each team. Decide what to allocate to external SI or each of your internal teams by knowing the optimal effort estimation in person-hours for each workstream.

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Understand S/4HANA’s full business impact to foresee challenges, prioritize effort, and confidently navigate migrations report.

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