SAP S/4HANA Greenfield

Streamline Your SAP S/4HANA Greenfield Implementation Project With Ease of Use and Ease of Mind

Control Your Project With the #1 Solution for Remote Business Process Testing

Bring agility into your S/4HANA Greenfield implementation from start to finish, as you control each step of your project from requirements to business process definitions to business process testing, and boost your project with your globally dispersed team.

Specific Solutions to Specific Challenge

Running ERP implementation projects requires your global team to collaborate as if they are across the hall, and at all times, provide you with the insights you need to make sure your project is on track.
Panaya is the #1 solution for large-scale remote ERP projects, making it easy for business and IT professionals to collaborate and control their testing in real-time, wherever they are, while giving you the real-time visibility you need into each step of your project.

Specific Solutions to Specific Challenge

Working Remotely

Key Benefits



Allowing you to control over progress, defects, and users, and take immediate corrective actions


40% Faster
Test Cycles

With effective business users collaborations, eliminating your idle time and avoiding bottlenecks

migration analysis icon
migration analysis icon

Insights into

Allowing you to know which business processes to lift and shift before building new ones

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Unparalleled Remote
Testing Efficiency

Make it easy for your global teams to collaborate as if they were across the hall

Key Features

Progress visibility and real-time actionable insights

Intuitive, customized, and personal dashboards offer real-time actionable insights into requirements, test cycles progress, defects resolution, and users’ activities or workload.

Oracle and SAP Testing Dashboard

SAP S/4HANA Impact Analysis

See the impact of an S/4HANA migration on your exciting business processes and testing assets before you decide which processes to lift and shift, and which ones to build from scratch, all based on the most comprehensive S/4HANA system conversion analysis spreading across custom and standard objects, covering 12 correction categories, over 70 correction types and 11K deleted transactions.

S/4HANA Cockpit

Business Process-Centric Test Planning & Execution

Panaya mirrors end-to-end business processes activities in a unique and intuitive sequence of steps, each assigned to a specific user. Facilitate remote collaboration between your cross-functional and globally dispersed team within the business process and control the full execution at the step or business process level.

BP testing

Built-in Collaboration

“Pass the baton” with complex business scenarios that involve multiple testers. Automatically notify testers when it is their turn to take part in business process testing, so they know precisely when to test, what to test, and what data to use. Enable continuous collaboration between stakeholders via automatic notifications, comments, and mentioning capabilities.

Collaboration in SAP testing

Automatically Standardized Documentation

Save valuable time by automatically capturing every applications’ steps while testing (activities and screenshots). Panaya audit-ready test evidence enables compliance with internal and external quality standards.


Holistic Defects Management

Auto-generated test and defect documentation eliminate back and forth communication between testers and developers. Defects are easy to reproduce and can be assigned “on the fly” while testing.

Defect Progress

Closed-loop Quality

Panaya automatically notifies testers to re-test after resolution, so every resolved defect closed by the ones who opened it. Our unique System-Wide Defect feature anticipates defects’ influence on future tests, allowing you to prevent defects inflation.


Our Product Portfolio

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