Create Tests for Every Entry Point

Do you find it difficult to manage the frequency, quantity and most importantly quality of software changes? With Panaya ForeSight for, ensure a safe, fast, release cadence for your Salesforce system. You’ll gain the certainty you need when going into production, so that you can continuously deliver change with confidence. Exchange calculated guesswork with a clear visibility into your Salesforce delivery pipeline.


  • Pinpoint areas impacted by change so you can easily foresee and resolve potential change delivery risks
  • Effortlessly define test plans
  • Make informed decisions before going into production

Key Capabilities

  • Easily define test plans once the list of development and customization components has been created
  • For every testable entity, a test owner may either manually link a test from an existing catalog, ask the system for test recommendations or create a new test

I Want Risk-Free Change