Salesforce Testing Solutions

Foresee Testing Needs to Resolve Risks Ahead of Time

The Challenge

Do you find it difficult to manage the frequency, quantity and quality of software changes? Lack of visibility into impact means your team may have to run additional tests to ensure quality and mitigate risks.These extra procautions, though necessary for avoiding unexpected go-live errors, can increase project time and cost.

How Panaya Can Help

With Panaya ForeSight for Salesforce, you can ensure a risk-free, fast release cadence for your Salesforce system. You’ll gain the certainty you need when going into production, so that you can continuously deliver change with confidence. Exchange calculated guesswork with a clear visibility into your Salesforce delivery pipeline, and effortlessly define test plans with optimal efficiency.

See for Yourself


Create Tests for Every Entry Point


Save time of manual test documentation with the record and play functionality. Capture tests in a single click which can be reused for codeless automation.

lightning evidence with recorder

Create Tests for Every Entry Point


With visibility into affected components, a test plan can easily be defined. For every entry point, a test owner may either link a test from an existing catalog, ask the system for test recommendations or create a new test.

SF Testing impact

Create Tests for
Every Entry Point

Accelerated Testing

Testing Impact

Change the Way You Change!