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From Calculated Guesswork to Data-Based Decision Making

Pinpoint areas impacted by change so you can easily foresee and resolve potential change delivery risks. Easily make an informed  decision when going into production.

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Key Features:

Define scoped entities in RDx for
SFDC to generate an automatic
summary report of impacted Salesforce components, both declarative and Apex-based, as well as dependency relations.

Result: Gain an immediate view
and an informed estimate of
the potential impact of change,
including testing efforts.

Requirements Scoping

Once scoped items have been defined, decide which impacted components should be changed. For every scoped entity, a deep analysis is available, with detailed component dependencies including: code change highlights, usage rating, modification dates.

Result: Gain an immediate view and an informed estimate of the potential impact of change, including testing efforts.

Accurately pinpoint your development needs
Pinpoint your development needs

Once the list of development and customization components has been created, a test plan can easily be defined. This is done based on an analysis of the chosen components and a list of related testing entry points which are automatically generated.

Result: For every entry point, a test owner may either link a test from an existing catalog, ask the system for test recommendations or create a new test.

Testing Impact

View the test risk summary
for scoped entry points
throughout the change cycle.
Gain a clear indication of
testing entry points covered
vs. uncovered.

SFDC Risk Summary

Gain an accurate view of project risk and mitigation. Confidently release into production when all risk parameters are green.

risk cockpit

Remove the waste from your CI/CD pipeline by leveraging actionable insights to prioritize your dev and test plans.


Discover Salesforce change delivery
risks before they impact

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