Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Industries Expects More SAP Changes with Panaya

Toyota Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer of forklift trucks by revenue.

Toyota Industries also manufactures the Toyota Vitz/Yaris and the Toyota RAV4 vehicles. They also make the engines that are used in Toyota-brand vehicles, such as the Avensis, Corolla, and Land Cruiser.

Toyota Industries North America has been using Panaya to ensure that they can make changes and migration for several years. It has helped them ensure that SAP changes and upgrades go smoothly.  Thanks to Panaya, Toyota is fully aligned and current with SAP’s maintenance strategy.

By using Panaya, Toyota gets:

  • ="Toyota Land CruiserRisk mitigation – errors are identified early in the remediation process, reducing the number of defects found during testing
  • Better control and visibility – project managers can plan activities faster and bottlenecks are quickly identified
  • Reusable test assets – test scripts can be reused
  • Better utilization of teams – Team members from Project Managers, QA, testers, Developers, Key-users, and others all have better, modern tools to do their work faster and maintain full collaboration across silos.
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