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Panaya: When ERP rhymes with security

During the PUGF, the first Panaya user conference in France, hosted by François Chevalier, VP Panaya, brought together clients, integrators, and prospects in the Gustave Eiffel hall on the 1st floor of the legendary Eiffel Tower.

Two clients shared with the audience detailed accounts of their experience with Panaya as well as discuss concrete ROI figures. The day allowed the publisher to exchange, share, and demonstrate that its solutions have evolved and that it is not merely a question of impact analysis for migration projects, but a solution that covers all ERP changes, both the detecting/correcting anomalies and acceleration of tests.

Panaya offers the PCQ (Panaya Cloud Quality) suite in SaaS format, allowing clients to make ERP changes with reduced costs and lead times while optimizing quality. Panaya also allows users to conduct projects around security issues, return to standard, and simplification of business processes.

Shiseido’s testimonial revealed how the company was able to migrate its technical platform and change the version of its ERP with Panaya. The project deadline was met, and everything was deployed without any problems. There are several reasons for this success:

  • Shiseido users are spread out around the world, and the SaaS solution has allowed them to communicate easily in real time without needing to gather their teams together physically, saving significant amounts of time and money.
  • Ease of use and user adoption of the Panaya platform were also essential. All tests have been centralized on the same tool, in the same format, for SAP as well as external applications (Web, etc.).

The second client to provide feedback was Romande Energie, which selected Panaya for its user-friendliness, ergonomics, and ease of use. They reported that they have done all types of tests with Panaya (unit tests, integration tests, non-regression tests, and user tests). They also used the automatic generation of test scripts to rerun accelerated tests.

Additional client feedback came from CEPSA, a large oil group, which upgraded from version EHP4 to EHP7 at the same time as its transition to HANA. The first challenge was to do all this in a single project. The second challenge was to process more than 12,000 corrections in six months. This project was successful thanks to the real-time monitoring of tests and corrections, all this without a code freeze.

At the end of the day, Panaya presented its roadmap for the next two years, including a completely innovative approach to testing, and solutions to make the transition to the digital transformation.

This article was originally published in Global Security Mag

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