Panaya Enables EHP8 Readiness – A HANA migration must have


A few months ago, SAP released EHP8, which is a revolution in SAP ERP.

With every new EHP release, SAP releases quarterly support pack stacks rather than their usual biannual schedule for the first year. This puts customers that need to adopt certain functionality in EHP8 in turmoil since continues changes means more risk. They want to upgrade but they are afraid of change.

Don’t worry. The fear is over.

Panaya provides confidence for organizations considering upgrading to EHP8.

Our latest release now supports ECC6.0 EHP8 SPS1.

You might ask yourself, “why should I take this risk on when the potential risks are so high?” The simple answer is long-term planning. When faced against the decision “should I develop custom code or embrace SAP’s standard functionality even when it comes with a new EHP at its tail” some risk calculation is needed.  More often than not, the risk is worth it. Using SAP’s standard functionality ensures that you are good for future releases from SAP and the long term maintenance of custom code is costly.

But, despite the many benefits of SAP EHP8, migration is difficult and risky. Many SAP customers are scared to take advantage of the latest innovations EHP8 offers.

There are a lot of new requirements and pre-requisites to be completed prior to your EHP8 upgrade, including Unicode support and making sure you are running NetWeaver 7.5. You can refer to SAP’s release notes to discover what’s new in EHP8.

Are you ready?

Find out what the impact of an upgrade to EHP8 with Panaya. Panaya’s SAP EHP8 experts can give you a clear mapping of what you need to do to be EHP8-ready. Discover what to test, what to change, and what might break. Get a tailored test plan for your EHP8 upgrade.

To learn more read our eBook 5 Tips to Sail Through Your EHP8 Upgrade


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