Agile in the Enterprise, Make it Work

Agile in the Enterprise

In a recent article on, I addressed the 6 reasons why agile projects fall flat in enterprise organizations where being agile is not synonymous with business agility. Achieving business agility is hard and as I state in the article requires more than just the tools to make sure your app delivery is agile. The tools will deliver agility, yes, but in the end of the day agility without quality does not deliver value.


When addressing organizations using backend legacy systems, introducing change to meet business agility goals is complex. It requires collaboration with many more stakeholders. Quality assurance and governance become gates that slow down processes and delay projects.


Business teams with ever changing requirements are hauled off to a room with a whiteboard and sticky notes, trying to make sense of what comes first. And many times, to ease these complexities, organizations fall into the traditional waterfall approach for change delivery.


However, introducing change to enterprise applications does not need to confine itself to the waterfall approach. In fact, quality-at-speed can be achieved with an agile methodology that takes into consideration enterprise organizational culture, complex system landscapes, size and scale and the necessity of visibility and collaboration.


In fact, true “agile development uses a process of continuous planning and feedback” and this is achieved by increasing visibility into the change delivery process, improving collaboration with geographically-dispersed business users, and automating wherever possible. Now you can significantly speed up development and release time.  With shorter development cycles, systems are more flexible, more quickly deployed, and most importantly IT becomes a true enabler of digital transformation.


Today, global IT organizations are releasing new functionality to their respective lines of business on a weekly basis, while achieving substantial improvements in project quality and predictability.


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