Take your ERP health checks to the cloud.

Making ERP upgrades, enhancements, or releases? Discover your ERP fitness and get a full simulation of your next ERP change project. In under 48 hours, for free.

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One ERP Quality Suite for All Changes.

CloudQuality Suite couples optimized scoping with accelerated tests to mitigate risks and validate your ERP changes across business processes. We enable faster and better ERP testing, from the cloud. Explore our SAP projects or Oracle EBS insights.

Change Analytics

Pinpoint change failures, get code fixes and optimize test scope to mitigate risks and cut overhead.

Accelerated tests

Analyze and test code interactions to ensure the functionality of your ERP business processes.

Comprehensive Reports

Granular dashboards to manage, track and report ERP changes. Enable testing asset reuse.

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Companies trust us with their ERP changes

CloudQuality Suite has helped us tremendously with regard to ease of use of our ERP testing, with great results.
Helen Winship, NGK Spark Plugs, SAP Business Analyst
We are saving 30% on SAP testing time thanks to Panaya. We have standardized on CloudQuality Suite for all of our ERP changes.
Trond Jansen, Aibel ERP Manager
Pick up the phone anytime Panaya calls if you want 100% failure-free ERP changes, while cutting your ERP project costs.
Gerhard Mitton, Atos Senior IT Department Manager
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Achieve ROI with every ERP change you make.

50% savings 50% savings
80% time saved 80% time saved
43% fewer fixes 43% fewer fixes

Overcome ERP complexity, eliminate rollout failures, delays and budget over-runs.
Cut ERP change costs in half, with zero critical defects after going live.

Calculate ROI

ERP Change Quality Control.

You can’t control what you can’t see. CloudQuality Suite delivers ERP testing for visibility, understanding and accountability of changes across your systems.

ERP Change Quality Control.
All ERP change projects, in one dashboard
See remaining activities
Identify and understand defect trends
Report ERP change test results

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Leverage the power of millions of ERP changes.

With Panaya, you never need to make an ERP change alone again.

CloudQuality Suite learns your ERP system behavior, while leveraging our experience from millions of tests and usage data to ensure that every ERP change you make has a positive impact on your business.