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Managing ERP, CRM and other business-critical applications in complex enterprise landscapes is a high-stakes mission. Any change made to one system can impact the other systems involved. This complexity increases the risk of system failure or errors.
A smart testing platform is essential to monitor change and release high-quality software applications quickly and efficiently.

Panaya Test Dynamix offers a comprehensive, collaborative solution that streamlines testing, identifies defects, and helps resolve them quickly – reducing the risk and saving on resources.

Listen to our Director of Product Management, Smart Testing Solutions, Benjamin Alimi, on this webinar, to learn more about how Panaya can help you:

  • Plan all steps of each business process meant to be tested.
  • Assign each step to the relevant team, department, or business user.
  • Automatically document each step tested, regardless of the application being tested.
  • Facilitate collaboration between all users involved in the testing process.
  • Monitor the testing progress and address bottlenecks in real-time.
  • Save up to 85% on testing cycles and resources.

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