Enterprise Agile Delivery

Bringing Continuous Delivery into the Enterprise


Only 24% of Enterprises claim to have teams working in Agile*

Enterprise IT still struggles to make the necessary mindset, organizational structure and methodology changes needed to be Agile. Transitioning to Agile doesn’t need to be painful. See how today’s Enterprise Agile Delivery solution, lets you deliver applications and software with confidence at a faster release cadence.

Watch this webinar to learn how Enterprise Agile Delivery helps you:

  • Gain visibility into delivery pipelines to better manage risk
  • Adopt any Agile hybrid framework so you can start the journey to Agile
  • Align teams with connected activities and workflows that focus on the same objective
  • Collaborate with business, testing, development and delivery teams to ensure scope and quality of delivery

With Enterprise Agile Delivery value gets delivered in smaller chunks but more frequently. By providing more collaboration and visibility into delivery pipelines of value streams, risk is managed effectively and value is delivered more often and safer.

*Source: Forrester 2017 Agile Adoption Survey

Zinette Ezra
Director of Product Management
Ronit Eliav
Director of Product Marketing

Understand Agile in the Enterprise

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