Meet Panaya Test Automation

A game-changing tool designed to transform the way you approach ERP & packaged applications testing.

Key Benefits:

Codeless Convenience: Break down barriers, with 1 hour onboarding, enabling even non-coders, to create robust automated scripts effortlessly.

AI-Core Power: Know what to test and what to automate, via AI-powered change analysis, boosting your regression testing cycles and avoiding UAT bottlenecks.

App Excellence: Leverage Panaya’s deep domain expertise in ERP and business applications, with unrivaled self-healing algorithms that optimize testing maintenance and increase resiliency.

Fast Lane to Automation: Expedite your journey from manual to automated testing, leveraging your existing manual test repository and boosting efficiency.

All-in-One Platform: Panaya is the only SaaS platform in the market that natively combines Test Management, Codeless Automation and Change Impact Analysis, to seamlessly streamline testing workflows, and secure your business landscape..

Ready to Experience the Change?

The power of Panaya Test Automation is within your grasp. It’s time to put us to the test – witness the difference firsthand and embrace a new era of testing excellence.

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