Dare to Replace Micro Focus Quality Center (HPQC)?

Experience a Powerful, Yet Friendly Testing Intelligence Platform

A Competitive Analysis Report

For SAP ERP users, easy migration from HPQC to Panaya Test Dynamix, a next-generation SAP testing environment, means winning collaboration for both technical and business testing stakeholders.

Forward-thinking enterprises have an opportunity to transform their SAP testing tools without overextending IT, their budget, and their personnel. In this report, discover the advantages of next-generation testing and testing practices, that will help you keep pace with digital transformation in your industry.

Get this report to learn about a comprehensive, yet simple solution that delivers where other SAP testing tools fail:

  • Support all key capabilities for SAP test managers, functional analysts, and business users
  • Run manual and automated tests more quickly and effectively
  • Better detect and eliminate testing bottlenecks to accelerate the release of change

Dare to Replace HPQC

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