Salesforce Smart Testing – With Panaya ForeSight

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The beauty of Salesforce is that so many out-of-the-box functions can be adjusted to meet the needs of your business. But as any seasoned Salesforce professional will tell you, building applications is the easy part. The real challenge is ensuring they do not break over time and having a robust procedure in place to allow you to continue to build – and experiment – without fear of failure. This is why smart testing is not only your insurance policy, but also your key to innovation and saving.

But how do you tackle the challenges of testing adoption and find the perfect balance between creating long and expensive testing processes and leaving yourself open to risks of errors in production?

Watch our webinar: Salesforce Smart Testing – With Panaya ForeSight, with Vernon Keenan, Senior Industry Analyst at and Samuel Naydych, Director of Technology Partners at Panaya.

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