The Path to Smart Salesforce Architecture

On-Demand Webinar

In today’s rapidly evolving Salesforce landscape, building a well-architected org is crucial to meet current business requirements and future scalability. It ensures that the Salesforce org remains flexible and responsive in the face of emerging opportunities and challenges.

Listen to industry experts Alex Zlidin and Eric Dreshfield, as they share best practices and review free and paid tools, to help you achieve this goal.

  1. Plan with the future in mind: Learn how to strategically design your Salesforce architecture to accommodate future growth and changes.
  2. Optimize for easy maintenance and evolution: Discover practical ways to simplify your org structure, enhancing its maintainability and adaptability over time.
  3. Document processes in one accessible place: Explore effective techniques to document your Salesforce processes, promoting transparency, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

Alex Zlidin

Alex Zlidin is a Salesforce Product Manager at Panaya and a veteran Customer Success and Product Manager of SaaS based solutions implemented in global enterprise- scale companies.
He is working in the Salesforce ecosystem for more than 7 years, being 5x Salesforce Certified and 2-star Trailhead Ranger.

Eric Dreshfield

Eric Dreshfield is a “Connector”, a blogger and marketer, a mentor for those new to the Salesforce ecosystem and a Community Advocate.
He is the Founder of Midwest Dreamin’ and a Salesforce MVP, 2013-2020, now Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame. He is the “Kevin Bacon” of the Salesforce Ecosystem.

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