How to master your Salesforce CPQ

On-Demand Webinar

Implement and manage a successful CPQ project

Salesforce CPQ is a complex customizable extension of your CRM system, that directly impacts your business bottom line. Using the right methodologies and tools can make the difference between making your CPQ project a success or becoming a burden to your business processes and sales team.

Watch our On-Demand Webinar, ‘How to master your Salesforce CPQ’, with Gilles Muys, the only Salesforce CPQ Black Belt in the world, and Alex Zlidin, Panaya’s Salesforce Product Expert and learn how to:

  • Plan and manage CPQ implementation in an efficient and streamlined manner
  • Introduce changes or add new functionalities much quicker and with minimum risk
  • Reduce the time and resources needed for fixing CPQ bugs and other issues

Gilles Muys:

Gilles Muys is VP of Customer Solutions at Simplus and an experienced executive. He knows CPQ across various industries, has extensive startup experience, and was one of the first three SteelBrick employees. Gilles is the only Salesforce CPQ Black Belt in the world and wrote the Definitive Quote-to-Cash Guide. Read Gilles’ thought leadership on

Alex Zlidin:

Alex Zlidin is a Salesforce Product Manager at Panaya and a veteran Customer Success and Product Manager of SaaS based solutions implemented in global enterprise- scale companies.
He is working in the Salesforce ecosystem for more than 7 years , being 5x Salesforce Certified and 2 star Trailhead Ranger.

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